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Juices, Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages

The Global soft-drinks & beverages industries are growing each year with the introduction of new products, such as vitamin fortified water, energy drinks, anti-aging water, and sports drinks. With this growth come many more analytical challenges. These challenges are compounded by the continuing and new needs to analyze classic favorites such as fruit juices, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.

For all soft drinks & beverages products, the compositional quality and safety must be monitored to help track contamination, adulteration, product consistency, shelf life assessment, and to ensure the regulatory compliance from raw ingredients (water, additives & fruits) to the final product.

Middle East Testing Services LLC is a recognized leader in providing analytical solutions, from calories, carbohydrates & sugar substitutes, to vitamins and additives, we are unique in our commitment to providing fast, accurate testing and labeling information for all applications in the soft drinks & beverages industries.