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Halal testing

HALAL means lawful or permitted and “Non-halal” means prohibited as per the Islamic Law (Shariah).In the food supply chain, there are many stages from raising the animals all the way to reaching the consumers; any violation of Halal practices or contamination in the supply chain will automatically make the end product “Haram” – prohibited. The “halal” applies not only to meat and poultry, but to other food products, cosmetics and personal care products.The Halal Testing Service is being conducted with the help of the best technologies and international practices meeting all the standard requirements
The service is being provided to protect the Muslim and non-Muslim community members from undesirable ingredients and methods used for the manufacturing of these products.

METS provides Halal assurance to industry and consumers by confirming the below Halal test requirements.

1.Porcine Detection via DNA Analysis

Sample requirements:

Preferably in original intact packaging or minimum weight of 10g (solid sample) and 10ml (liquid sample) per sample.

Minimal turn-around time: 4 working days

2.Alcohol Detection using Headspace-GC/FID.

The analysis is to ensure that the alcohol testing content in food and beverages is not harmful to consume within the permissible range. With the latest and established method of detection, measurement for limit of alcohol will become easier and reliable through this method of analysis.

Sample requirements:

The samples requirement for testing is preferably in original intact packaging or minimum weight of 10g and 20ml per sample for solid and liquid respectively. The minimal lead time for analysis would be in 4 working days.

Minimal turn-around time: 4 working days

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