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Halal, Porcine (Pork) and GMO free assurance

As the market for Halal foods continues to grow in Arab countries and other countries, more and more food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers are looking to obtain Halal Certification. Commonly use of Halal certification is on meat products, food contact materials and pharmaceuticals, clothing, business, human relationship & etc. The GC, PCR method is being use to test for Chemicals, Alcohol Content, Foreign DNA,Porcine and other contaminants.


· We offers Halal testing with the latest testing technology to ensure the integrity and protect consumers from ingredients or production methods that do not meet Halal standards.

·   We  ensure that your products and services comply with the Halal standards as per GCC standardization organization (GSO), Saudi standards, Metrology & quality organization (SASO) and Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). 

·   We can perform the following test:

o   Detection and Analysis and Identification of Pork Testing or Porcine (Pork) in food, feed and cosmetics, via DNA analysis Real time PCR.

o   Determination of Porcine Gelatin in Food and Pharmaceutical Gelatin capsule samples.

o   Determination Alcohol (Ethanol) in Food, Beverage & Cosmetics.

o   Lard and its Derivatives.

o   Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) testing on food and feed by using RT-PCR.

o   Microbiological analysis etc.