During the COVID-19 epidemic, there were serious supply shortages because of the extraordinarily high demand for basic hygiene goods. Many industries were mobilized to manufacture hand sanitizers, and many manufacturers raised their sanitizing product output. Manufacturers and dealers of alcohol-based hand rubs need quality control Sanitizer Testing In Qatar to ensure their products’ safety and efficacy while adhering to FDA, WHO, and other governing agencies’ standards and guidelines.

One of the most essential strategies for limiting the transmission of infectious bacteria is hand cleanliness. Hand rubs are an essential tool in the practice of excellent hand hygiene because they lower the microbial burden on the hands without the use of soap and water. METS lab is a leading laboratory in Qatar that provides testing services. We evaluate hand sanitizer compositions regularly. Testing of hand sanitizers may be conducted under GLP test circumstances to provide data to the client and enhance product quality.

Sanitizer Testing

Here are the hand sanitizer testing services that we provide:

  1. Bacterial Efficiency Testing
  2. Fungicidal & Yeasticidal Efficiency Testing
  3. Ethanol Testing
  4. Methanol Testing
  5. Isopropyl testing
  6. Butanol testing
  7. pH
  8. Specific gravity
  9. Viscosity
  10. Skin Allergen Test
  11. Heavy metal analysis

METS Lab Qatar can assist firms with the conversion of raw materials into high-quality sanitizers and disinfectants, as well as final product testing to ensure that safe, high-performing products reach the market. We’ll evaluate your product’s efficacy, test for known contaminants, and offer you a certificate of analysis. 

We provide a wide range of testing services, including mask testing, Sanitizer Testing, soil, and fertilizer testing, environment testing, toys testing, water testing, PPE testing, metal testing, food/Agri testing, and much more. Consider having a variety of tests performed under one roof: isn’t that handy, time-saving, and cost-effective?

METS is a recognized, regulated, and compliant laboratory capable of handling any size or kind of project. Yes, it certainly is! That is why you should rely on METS lab for all of your testing needs. Whether you are an organization, a business, or a person, our services are available to you.

We are a complex company to surpass in the Qatar market because of the extensive range of tests we cover, our skilled team of specialists, unrivaled test accuracy, and rapid results at a cheap cost.


METS lab has the best and most renowned Sanitizer Lab In Qatar, which you can trust as we can be your reliable partner in testing items for the long term. We also do plan work at METS lab to develop new and improved paint testing methods. METS’ quality control of paint testing ensures a high-quality product since the examination is carried out by experienced engineers in testing facilities. If you require any form of testing, contact us right away.


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