Ashghal is the Public Works Authority of Qatar headquartered in Al Dafna, Doha. It was established in 2004 to oversee the planning, design, construction, delivery and asset management process of all infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar.

Ashghal’s primary tasks include supervising the design, construction, and management of major projects for roads, sanitation, and public buildings, such as schools and hospitals.

The Authority is an essential supporter of the economic and social development process to achieve Qatar Vision 2030, through several projects that serve ports, logistics and industrial areas, as well as local communities in the regions.

Ashghal’s strategy is based on four basic strategic axes :

1. Health and Safety:
Since the beginning of preparations for hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the State of Qatar, the local and international community has been focusing on the health, safety and care performance in the country. In this regard, the Qatari government has set specific standards to measure improvements, through which the regional performance of health, safety and care can be measured. To support this goal, Ashghal continues to design, build, operate and manage the country’s infrastructure while ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors and customers are its top priorities.

2. Achieving excellence:
Achieving excellence in the delivery of projects and services is considered essential for the continued success of Ashghal, and the delivery of our projects and services on time and within the budget allocated to them while ensuring the required quality standards are important factors for this success. Ashghal focuses on the added value for money and environmental sustainability of our projects and services. The authority also seeks to ensure asset readiness and reduce customer inconvenience.


3. Capacity development:

The Public Works Authority is transforming from an organization that uses external resources to a model that implements and manages projects with internal resources. We are also developing our asset management capabilities to enhance our ability to manage the large volume of infrastructure assets planned to be delivered in 2022 and beyond. Achieving this mission requires that we have robust transition plans from program management consultants to our internal resources. Qatarization and developing staff competencies remains a priority for Ashghal, with an emphasis on investing in attracting and developing non-Qatari capabilities to ensure the presence of sufficient and efficient human resources to support the needs of our clients. We will continue to develop public-private partnerships and ensure a resilient supply chain for Ashghal. Ashghal will also continue to promote economic growth for small and medium-sized Qatari companies.


4. Clients and Stakeholders:

Public Works Authority clients, whether they are residents of the State of Qatar or Qatari government sectors, for whom we work, expect our commitments to be fulfilled efficiently. Since we are a service organization, we will continue to focus on improving the value of our services to customers and stakeholders. To achieve this effectively, we must improve our understanding of customers, stakeholders and their needs by applying best practices, and monitoring and improving our performance based on their feedback. This will only be achieved by fulfilling our promises to customers, and earning and maintaining trust to remain at the center of Qatar’s infrastructure development program.

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