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Water & Waste Water Testing

At the time of water & waste water testing, Water quality is very important since poor water quality can have adverse effects on human life. As stated any substance that alters the properties of water so it is no longer beneficial, safe or threatens the function of the ecosystem is considered a pollutant or contaminant.

We At METS Lab are highly equipped with skilled and experienced workforce ready to measure the suitability of water for its intended use by performing various Physical, Chemical and Microbiological test. METS Lab is accredited with EIAC and GAC to perform the overall analysis of water and wastewater for the safety of human life and the environment.

METS Lab is the best testing lab where analysis is performed as per the ISO standards and follows standard testing methods like APHA / ISO/ METS-IP/ HACH.

METS Lab also performs all the Microbiological test like:-

·       Legionella

·       Pseudomonas aeruginosa

·       Streptococci

·       E Coli

·       Faecal Coliforms Etc

We are accredited to perform the following Kinds of Water:-

                 Drinking Water Testing

                 Potable/ non potable water


                Natural water

                Sewage water

                Tap water

                Swimming pool water

                Waste water testing etc

Mets lab assures you the best analysis for Water Testing  and Waste Water Testing with accuracy