Water Testing

Dialysis Water Testing / Recreational Water Testing

Haemodialysis may expose the patient to more than 300 l of water per week across the semi permeable membrane of the haemodialyser. Healthy individuals seldom have a weekly oral intake of water above 12 lt. The near 30 times increase in water exposure to dialysis patient read more

Waste Water Testing / Sea Water Testing

Treatment of wastewater by a physical and/or chemical process involving settlement of suspended solids, or other process in which the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of the incoming wastewater is reduced by at least 20% before discharge, and the total suspended solids co read more

Drinking Water Testing / Nonpotable Water Testing

Drinking Water and fresh air are the unavoidable reasons for life. More than 70% of human body is composed by water. But unfortunately, only 3% of water available across the globe is fresh water and only half of that is available to humans. In developing countries popul read more

Swimming Pool Water Testing / Ground Water Testing

Bacteriological condition: This test helps in determining the contamination by potentially harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms. Short term gastrointestinal disorders and illnesses such as gastro-enteritis, giardiasis, typhoid, dysentery, cholera, and hepatitis ha read more