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The goal of the Soil Testing is to provide accurate assessment of the soil’s fertility for farming & to identify the type of foundation needed for construction. For the waste management, laboratory testing is mandatory for sludge.Soil quality is affected by many factors like the nutrient levels, organic matter content to land use, industrial use and other site conditions.

Mets Lab is one of the leading laboratory in UAE among the soil testing labs providing service for soil and sludge analysis. We are now in other parts like AbuDhabi, Qatar & UK providing best services.

At METS Labs:-

1.     Our Resources are intented to provide accurate and high quality soil/ sludge analysis.

2.  We are EIAC accredited and ISO certified to conduct soil and sludge testings as per international standards like ASTM, BS EN  etc using methods like EPA/GC- FID/EDX etc.

3.     We can provide you with details analysis on the Physical and Chemical testing for chemical characteristics for agriculture and industrial use.

4.     We are following international standard methodologies as USEPA, APHA, etc., determination of Metals, TPH, PCBs, VOCs, TCLPs, etc.

5.     Parametres includes

·       Ph

·       Conductivity    

·       Total organic compound

·       NPK

·       Calcium

·       Magnesium

·       Sodium etc.

6.     Our Accurate, Efficient reports will help to provide information to improve soil quality, create healthy gardens and protect public health


METS Lab being the best testing lab, we also perform Nutritional analysis and Environmental Testing