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Soaps, Detergents & Toiletries

Are you worried that the quality of your toiletries and the safety of the product is not included with industry regulations? METS Lab provides you inspection services for a wide range of complex toiletries such as: shower gels, soaps, detergents, bath salts, bath oil, tooth paste, shampoos, and washes etc. METS Lab has a wide range of testing services Including but not limited to allergens analysis, Raw material QC testing, contaminant Analysis, colour additive testing, stability testing, physical and mechanical performance testing, safety assessment, heaving metals testing etc. With professional analysis team and advanced instruments, we provide you with the most accurate testing results in the shortest time possible. 

Safety and quality are vital for the manufacturers of personal care products. End product consumers are increasingly demanding proof of quality, compliance and efficiency from raw mat to finished product our experts will help you demonstrate that your materials and products are compliant to market requirements, enabling you trade all over the world with confidence along with testing, we often additional added value solutions to help manufacturers, importers and retailers know the applicable requirements, check the safety, quality , performance of their products throughout the supply chain and protect your brand