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Sanitary ware & Fittings

Water is precious, it requires particular attention to avoid wasting in households. From the kitchen to the bathroom,from offices to industries consumers seek durable and safe sanitary fixtures to ensure a pleasant work. 

Sanitary wear and fittings play a significant role in optimizing the consumption of water and their performance should be evaluated to identify their characteristics and their suitability for use.


At Mets Lab

·   We are the best testing lab accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 for all sanitary wears and fitting analysis to verify their performance.

·   We are now SASO approved for all the sanitary wears and water rationalization.

·  We perform all the analysis as per the required international standards like  GSO, ISO. BS EN etc

·   Basic testing analysis includes:-

Ø  Load tests

Ø  Resistance to temperature changes

Ø  Resistance to chemical and staining agents

Ø  Resistance to abrasion

Ø  Pressure, strength and leakage tests

Ø  Measurement of pressure loss

Ø  Flow and discharge measurments

Ø  Noise tests on fittings

Ø  Dimentional check, thread dimensions

Ø  Material and surface testings

Ø  Flushing functions

Ø  Testing for wear behaviour of valves,endurance test

Ø  Faucets etc.

 When testing your sanitary , you can rely on METS Lab’s many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge. Our experts provide 

  comprehensive services for your sanitary wear and fittings  including functional tests, and microbiological test