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Residue Analysis

Pesticide Residue:

Pesticides are chemicals used to control pests. The term “Pesticide” includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and it is well known that over-use of pesticide can lead to dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals entering the food chain. Fresh fruit and vegetables are being consumed in increasing quantities and it is this fresh produce that is most susceptible to pesticide residues.
In order to protect consumers, pesticide residues are under strict regulatory control globally. STRC offers wide range of pesticide residues in agro and other food products to ensure that you comply with the maximum residue levels set by many countries.

Chemical Residue:

STRC offers trace level chemical residue analysis on agro products, processed food, water and various other products. Residue analysis includes trace level detection and identification of unknown residues up to PPM, PPB and PPT levels, depending upon the sample and application.
Chemical residue analysis is conducted by chemists with years of industry experience using mass spectrometers, IR spectroscopy, chromatography and other advanced instrumentation.

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