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Polymer, Rubber and Other plastic materials

Polymers have to become a crucial part of our lives and most of the things around us are made up of polymers, Due to the increased usage of polymers, they need to be tested for quality as the toxicity caused by polymer and plastic can be hazardous. Polymer testing ensures that material complies with industry specifications applicable to industries such as aerospace, auto motive, consumer, medical and defence amongst other. 

Identifying the capabilities and limitations of a material is of high priority to suppliers, manufacturers and products developers on every level of the polymer industry supply chain. Polymer testing help to perceive products efficiency to withstand different environment conditions, resistance against rough handling and also to determine shelf life of the product


  • We are the best testing lab in UAE, AbhuDhabi, Qatar and UK.
  • We provide detailed analysis of compounds, plastics, rubber, resins, elastomers, monomers, polymer additives and other related polymer materials. 
  • We provide testing solution for Plastic and Polymer industries for Melting Point testing, Impact Testing- Drop Tower, Impact Testing- Pendulum, Tensile Testing ,Thermal Testing, Friction Testing, Thickness Testing etc
  • All the tests are done as per National and International Standards like ASTM, BS En, GSO etc
  • Our laboratory capabilities include identification and qualifications of polymer resins, fillers and additives, our polymer testing laboratories handle routine and no-routines project with locations around the globe, with convenient sample transport available

Rubber Testing experts at METS Lab are well versed with a variety of analytical techniques and regularly develop new methods to support our client’s needs, METS Lab has years of experience conducting physical testing for rubber materials, so our rubber experts can design a custom analysis program to match your unique specifications. 

METS Lab Plastic Testing is a standout amongst other plastics organizations. We are expertise in plastics testing lab for a wild range test parameters for your plastics materials and plastic products. Plastic material testing analysis, plastic mechanical properties, polymer chemical properties. 

  Plastic material testing plays a critical role in the life cycle of a polymer, from the raw materials to the compound through to the semi-finished and finished product. Each per stage has different test requirements and each end user may require a different test solution depending on their role. Whether it is an product development (R&D) , Quality control (QC), Testing services(TS) , or Research (R) 

 Our scientists have the industry expertise to provide you with the information you need to advance product development, assure compliance, and launch a successful market launch for the application you’re working on. We can assess how your product and services meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability, and criteria by bringing quality to life. We help you recognize and minimize inherent hazards in your polymer and plastic operations, supply chain and business processes.W