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Introduce Yourself To Our Construction Material Testing Services!

Being the best testing lab in the UAE, METS is a one-destination testing lab for almost all the materials used in construction. In addition to being a trusted diesel testing lab, we are proud to introduce ourselves as a leading testing lab for construction materials. Below is a detailed view on the testing services we are providing for construction material.

Middle East Testing Services LLC offers physical, chemicals Testing labs and mechanical examination of the wide scope of materials utilized in the construction industry and its associated fields. The tests are completed according to the International Standards and regulations by the government. In specific cases, the tests can likewise be acted as per the client-determined test techniques or system.

The testing services for construction materials offered by METS include geo-textile, mud, clay, rock, brush, glass, ceramics, thatch, plastic, foam, paint coating, wood, steel, marble, tiles, refractory, aggregate, cement, brick and concrete testing. 

  1. Soil testing

To conclude the nature of soil for construction, different soil testing labs are performed at METS as. we know how significant this tests can be for the construction business. It is among the accepted procedures and administrative necessities in the business. Construction workers are hire ought to have soil substance examinations performed at an autonomous lab to guarantee material quality and consistency with industry rules and principles.  

  1. Steel testing

This examination is done to assess the flexibility of the supporting bar. The test is performed by bowing the steel bar at the midpoint bringing about twisting without crack, while the rebend test is performed to gauge the impact of strain maturing on steel. At METS Lab, we provide these steel testing for construction clients. Reinforcement steel otherwise called rebar, is utilized in the construction business chiefly to work on the elasticity of cement.

  1. Concrete testing

Along with being a trusted cement testing lab, we also perform concrete testing; for concretes, some non-destructive testing could be given, like Schmidt Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, and Half Cell Potential Mapping. Some strength tests could also be applied additionally, like Water Absorption, Water Permeability, etc.

  1. Rock testing

Additionally METS also offer a selective variety of rock testing. We can gauge rock’s physical and mechanical properties and elasticity to construct slopes, passages, and shafts in mining and foundation projects. Our lab is furnished with the most recent machines and apparatuses to look at the rock in a precise way with practically no resistance following the international standards for rock testing.  

  1. Brick testing

Brick is an old and generally among the most commonly used building materials they are utilized for numerous purposes in the construction industry. We perform tests to examine the compressive strength, water absorption, etc. of brick specimens

  1. Marble/Granite testing

As one of the best marble testing lab, we extend our testing services for marble and Granite. Our testing services for oil & Petroleum testing and marble include testing of specific gravity, water absorption, flexural strength, modulus of rupture, shear load test, skid resistance, compressive strength, specific gravity, and Moh’s hardness.

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Why does building construction material need testing?

Undoubtedly, there are numerous reasons behind testing for building materials.

  • To guarantee material being used for construction is suitable
  • To accomplish certificate by conforming to current rules and building guidelines
  • To figure out why material is failing during construction
  • To tackle patent debates or resolve lawful questions
  • To benchmark against the contender’s items.
  • To foster new materials through a certificate.

METS has been acting in the industry for several years now. Apart from the above-listed, we also provide testing services for plastic, foam, paint coating, etc. So, whether you are looking for wood testing labs or cement testing, METS is what you need. Contact us..