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Oils and Fats

Often, the first evidence of a spoiled product is rancidity. It happens when the lipids are exposed to air, light or moisture or microbial actions. Food items must be able to maintain their product integrity to meet customer expectations for safety and satisfaction. Rancidity test identifies the level of lipid oxidation in a provided sample. This is why testing of lipids is part of establishing a product’s shelf life. Of course, the usefulness of the test findings can extend into other areas as well, but establishing shelf life is the major drivers. 

Our knowledge and experience help your brand deliver the ideal consumer experience every time contact us to learn about our pragmatic solution for shelf-life testing. For testing fats, lipids and oils, METS Laboratories providing following characterizations that tend to be among the most relevant to our customers,

  • Peroxide Value
  • Free Fatty Acids
  • FAME Analysis