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Indoor and Ambient air quality

Indoor Air quality monitoring or testing (IAQ) is an essential process to determine the level of contaminants present in indoor, air which can affect productivity and wellbeing of occupants. 

Good and healthy air quality at the workplace can increase workers comfort, productivity and wellbeing. Middle East testing services check indoor air by using indoor air quality equipment for various harmful parameters for homes and industries. Regular indoor air quality testing can help to identify issues with air quality. Thousands of man days are lost every year because of sickness due to poor indoor air quality (IAQ) our company (METS Lab) offers indoor air quality (IAQ testing or monitoring services for residential and commercial buildings. We are certified to test /inspect parameters temperature, Humidity, Carbon monoxide, Contamination by microbes, particulates and volatile organic compounds etc. For homes &office’s indoor air quality is a growing concern and it directly affects human health. Gases like carbon monoxide, contamination by microbes, particulate or volatile compounds affect IAQ

Like IAQ ambient air quality monitoring or testing is a process of measurements of pollutants present in the atmosphere. It measures the healthiness and safety of our environment

Ambient air quality is defined as the quality of air outside and sometimes inside. Ambient air quality standards are limits to concentration of pollutants in air stated for wellbeing of human, nature, animals, etc 

Why Ambient Air Quality Monitoring testing required? 

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals particulates or other harmful materials into atmosphere causes /damage to living organisms. Air pollutants are added in the atmosphere from variety of sources that change the composition of atmosphere and affect the biotic environment. A clean and safe environment is a pre-requisite for health and quality of life. Middle East Testing Services & Research Centre focuses on delivering analytical services that address current environmental analysis issues and develops new solutions for challenges that the market and our clients anticipate facing in the future. Our services comprise testing of water, air, soil, waste and other products to assess their quality and impact on health and the environment. We provide full service environmental consulting & testing services to municipal, industrial, household & private concerns.

Ambient air Testing

We offer critical Ambient Air Testing Services. Our service comprises ambient air, stack emissions, noise, soil, sludge, effluent, generator and engine exhausts, volatile compounds, semi-volatiles, hazardous air pollutants, air toxics, metals and particulates. We also offer ambient air analysis, stack emission monitoring.