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Fire and Flame Testing

METS Lab offers a wide range of Flammability and fire testing services suited for various types of materials/components ensure your materials and products. Meet industrial regulations and safety standards as well as your own-is critical, so we arm to meet all of your fire testing needs quickly and efficiently

At METS Lab, we are an expert in fire testing and flammability testing. We offer world wide support to clients across a range of industries, including transportation, construction, industrial, chemical and more

What is fire and flammability testing? 

At its core, fire and flammability testing is the act of taking a product and testing its resistance to heat, electrical current, open flames and other conditions that might cause a fire. Most importantly, a fire and flammability testing does so in a rigorous, quantifiable manner that creates usable results. 

Fire and flammability test generally include fire reaction, fire resistance, fire spread and also depending on the test program and the industry standards, fire and flammability test may require additional timing and measurements devices-METS Lab can help you ensure a clean and functional product testing environment.Fire tests, or flammability tests, measure how easily materials ignite, how quickly they burn, and how they react when burned. METS Lab use various testing methods, depending on international flammability testing standards and the type of material being tested.

We perform tests on samples in controlled conditions to determine the following:

  • Fire resistance – To determine the ability of materials used in the manufacturing of products to withstand fire or provide protection for a period of time.
  • Flame spread – To measure the propagation of flames away from the source of ignition, across the surface of the sample and evaluate the potential for flames spreading in the event of a fire.
  • Reaction to fire – To evaluate the extent to which a product contributes to fire when exposed to flames.

Types of Products Which Require Fire or Flammability Testing

Regulations governing fire testing methods vary depending on the type of product and the material it’s comprised of, such as:

  • Clothing textiles and vinyl plastic film for apparel
  • Children’s sleepwear
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Drapes and drapery linings
  • Polymers (plastics) used in electronic products and appliances
  • Fabrics and textiles used in furniture and bedding
  • Interior and exterior building materials
  • Toys

 METS Lab is a certified industry leader in testing industries that need fire and flammability testing aerospace, automotive, marine and rail, military and government, construction and engineering, chemical with years of experience, METS Lab is your Go-To fire testing laboratory