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Electronics/Electrical/IP rating

Whether you need a specific test or a complete turnkey solution, METS Lab has a full line of services as it quotes ‘A Complete Solution For All Lab Analysis’. Successful companies turn to METS Lab because they are aware that scientific examination and analysis are essential when manufacturing sophisticated electronic products. Unmatched industries’ experience with our multi-step verification method has proven METS Lab apart as a superior testing facility.


METS Lab Offers a broad spectrum of electrical and electronic product testing. We frequently inspect common products such as insulators, batteries, cables, wires, lights, connectors, circuits, breakers and other electronic components, determining the cause of electrical failures and affirming the soundness of working products.Electronic products need to be checked for safety-related issues such as overheating, electrical shock, vibrations and explosion.

At METS Lab,

·       We are best testing lab that offer testing solutions that are fast & efficient.

·      We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab 

·      Our E&E Testing services includes

    o   Acoustic emission testing 

        o   Electrical safety testing for ensure that products do not present a danger or hazard during normal use Or expected abuse, (Electric shock hazards,                  energy related hazards, fire, heat, thermal related hazards, mechanical hazards, material testing, radiation, chemical hazard, EMF testing, abnormal                operations, include faults and failures within the equipment, vibration tests and measurements, acoustic tests endurance tests, dust and water ingress               test, construction checks and expert opinion)

         o   Electromagnetic field (EMF) testing for controlling the limit of EMF arise from E&E equipment. 

         o    Energy efficient testing &certification services for enabling manufacturers, retailers and their supply chain to demonstrate products quality and                           energy efficiency &reducing consumption   

    o     Electromagnetic compatibility testing of E&E products

         o   Explosive area testing &certification services

         o   Failure analysis of electrical and electronic consumer products by bench marking products against those of competitors 

         o   We also help to  determine the market place failure and returns mechanical &climate environment simulation testing to ensure your electrons and                      electrical products/equipment are compliant with national and international regulations,

          o   Medical devices testing

          o   Compliance and certification and performance and fitness for use

          o   Approvals and certification services for wireless/Rf devices, chemical testing of electrical and electronic products.

      ·      Ranging from household appliances, IT equipment to electronic toys, amusement and gaming machines, we provide quality testing solutions literally for all
varieties of electronic and electrical products. We check products for their safety, quality and performance standards.

      ·       Test Method: IEC 60598-1, IEC 61010-1, IEC 62368-1, ISO IEC 

      ·        Dielectric test – METS -IP

·      Because customer satisfaction is a priority for our organization, we have developed a quality assurance system that is compliant with recognized quality systems for various industries. Quick turn-around, accurate testing, detailed reporting, and competitive pricing are what you can expect from METS Lab