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Disposable Diaper Testing

Disposable Diaper Testing

Diapers are used to absorb urine and feces. It is fastened around the waist just like underwear; the only difference is that it is thicker and spongier. This is because it contains absorbent materials which soak the excreta. There are two kinds of diapers, baby diapers are adult diapers. Adult diapers are used by those individuals who are unable to control their urge to defecate due to some medical condition.

Importance of quality of Diapers

Diapers absorb human wastes, which is extremely pungent smelling and are unhygienic. So when a diaper leaks, the consequences are very messy and inconvenient to deal with. It is very important for diapers to have good quality. Quality of diapers can be ensured by conducting tests on the sample products.

Parameters of Diaper testing

Below are some of the parameters upon which efficiency of a diaper is dependent. These are the factors which are tested to ensure quality.

The absorbent should be able to soak considerable amount of semi-solids and liquids. The absorbent is the core the material that determines how useful the product turns out to be.

The materials being used in the diaper must be gentle to the skin. It should not any irritation and discomfort. The materials used for adult diapers and baby diapers are different because the quality of their skin is different. Babies have more tender skin compared to adults. Test of compatibility of materials with skin is different for babies and adults.

Diapers are not removed as soon as defecation happens. It has to retain the liquid and semi solid waste for some time. Tests have to be undertaken on diapers to determine if there exists possibility of leakage or spillage. If that happens the diaper under test is rejected.


Diaper pads have to remain fettered in its place even when the person wearing them is on the move. Tests are conducted to ensure pads do not get displaced or broken on impact from movement.

Diapers are used only one time after which they are thrown away. So they have to be made from material which disintegrate and do not cause much environmental damage. Therefore tests are done to check their disposability.

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Testing these parameters for disposable diapers can determine the degree of their quality.