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Diesel Testing Lab

Fuel analysis at diesel testing lab examines the state of the product in terms of certain problems which may have occurred since the fuel left the refinery gate. A proportion of diesel engine failures can be directly traced back to the quality of the fuel which was in use. Fuel contamination, degradation or adulteration can have serious consequences in terms of blocked filters, stuck or worn injectors, poor spray patterns and atomization.  

Middle East Testing Services and Research Centre, provides diesel testing services to determine the product’s remaining life along with its cleanliness and also ensures compliance with industry standards and norms. We offer a comprehensive range of services for petro chemical products and its contamination testing.  

Diesel washing has been found commonly now, water acts as a by- product in washing process which can cause damage to injector pumps. Chemicals are used to remove dye as it can cause serious harm to engines.

Diesel washing is a highly illegal practice and hence it is essential to go for testing services to check the quality in order to determine the presence of marker dye and sulphur content levels. The sulphur content level cannot be reduced during the washing process and can be a clear indication of whether the fuel has been tampered with as well as residual dye left behind.

So, if you are looking to hire a professional team who should have expertise in diesel testing services, then contact us today as we also provide rubber testing, leather testing, footwear testing and more.

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