Test Your Footwear Product at METS lab Qatar

Footwear Testing

Retailers, brands, and suppliers in the footwear sector must guarantee that their products are safe, durable, suitable for the purpose, and comply with standards, regardless of whether they are for adults or children. METS Lab Qatar provides high-quality end-to-end Footwear Testing, auditing, consultancy, and quality assurance services. Retailers, producers, and importers can rely on our testing to guarantee that footwear leather items are safe, high-quality, and work well.

Footwear Testing

To ensure the best possible product exits the factory, all footwear must meet certain standards on the production line. To be considered seriously by retailers and customers, brands, manufacturers, and suppliers must take testing seriously. But also to keep prices down and avoid production difficulties and delays. Testing the materials and parts that make up the final product, as well as reviewing the entire shoe, assists in ensuring safety compliance, reducing returns, improving quality, and increasing customer loyalty and happiness.


Our complete chemical and analytical testing services include:

  • Thickness
  • Tearing resistance
  • Dry & wet rubbing
  • Water vapor permeability
  • Fastness of the color before the light 
  • Flex resistance
  • Acidity degree
  • Water absorption
  • Flex resistance without crack 
  • Slip resistance 


Why do you need to test your footwear product?

With so many different types of footwear on the market, determining what quality tests are required may be difficult. What you should concentrate on may vary depending on your product, but there are certain general rules that all businesses should follow when it comes to product improvement.

While comfort and style are vital qualities to seek in footwear, performance, durability, and safety are also significant considerations. Furthermore, adhering to the growing number of regulatory rules and legislation is essential.


Slip and skid resistance, choking risks for children, work shoe steel toe protection, high heel fatigue resistance, impact, and attachment strength are just a few of the faults that our laboratory can diagnose and test for. METS lab also assesses upper and sole materials, as well as other components, entire shoes, and specific requirements. We also provide Plastic Testing services to a variety of firms.


Working with METS lab may help you avoid the challenges that put your bottom line in danger because reliable, high-quality footwear has a big influence on customer satisfaction and brand success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your current quality control difficulties. In the Middle East, our Consumer Products testing is considered the finest.