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Microbiology & Environmental Testing By METS Experts!

Microbiological test services

Middle East Testing Services LLC is not only a pioneer in providing antibiotic testing but also provides microbiological testing services to the leading hotels, cafés, shopping centers, and hypermarkets in the UAE.

Makers and merchants of food items additionally use our testing services to safeguard brand respectability and their standing by guaranteeing items’ safety. METS Labs is outfitted with cutting-edge hardware and other contraption for distinguishing proof and identification of microbes from food and natural samples. Today, every restaurant or any other food item provider is trying its best to ensure that its products are safe for consumption. We help such individuals with our microbiological testing services.

Antibiotic testing

We look at the food quality, air quality, and water quality, accordingly guarantee these are suitable for utilization. Our Best testing lab is a completely practical unit offering a large number of services for food and drink and the overall population’s (Human being) purposes.

We look at food contamination by conducting tests for Listeria, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, Bacillus cereus, and other harmful microbes.

Because of the great grouping of Coliform microorganisms or Heterotrophic plate count, water contamination is normal. We play out the sample testing of water from any nearby lakes and wellsprings of drinking water.

We also accept that foreign air substances like mold, yeast, and microorganisms other than the customary poisons can be unsafe. Our team performs the thorough microbiological test with suitable examinations. These reports are popular among the assemblages of public works in the UAE and different areas.


Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

We understand that poisons are taking steps to contaminate the soil, air, and water. Thus, we at METS Lab offer a large group of tests to look at immaculateness and track down the best soil quality, water, and air. We do natural testing for real estate agents and farmers to put these to the best use.

Involving the furthest down the line in innovation to execute the best techniques to obtain the outcomes, we do everything to look at the effect of contamination on the climate. We check for proper quality from stack emanation test to surrounding air testing.

Our soil testing and its pH quality testing are fundamental, alongside the noise level testing of the climate, to guarantee it is good for living. Also, same as our pesticides testing, environmental testing helps the farmers to enhance the growth and quality of their crops.