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Bakeries & Confectioneries


The consumption of bakery and confectionery products has been increasing. Bakery products include all products that are baked like bread, buns, etc. which have become necessary food item in recent times.  The testing aims to help producers to determine products nutrition and detect products contamination.The confectionery market is growing day by day with our lifestyle. So there is a need for bakery products & confectionery testing. The confectionery items are generally comprised of chocolates, ice creams, sugar products, cocoa products, candies, jelly products, fruit gums, biscuits, chocolate, pastry, pickle, jam, sweet, honey, etc. We adopt, GSO, KS, CODEX & other international standards and methodologies depending upon our customer requirements. 


·      We are the best testing lab in UAE and in other region UK, Qatar, Abudhabhi.

·      We are accredited with EIAC, GAC, IAS as per ISO/IEC 17025

·      We follow all international standards for testing  that includes AOAC/ ISO/METS-IP, GSO.

·      We conducts testing services for bakery and confectionery products at a fast turnaround time.

·      We have dedicated laboratory technologists that help to assess the status with accuracy.

·      We are feasible for providing testing for all bakery products and confectionaries according to the requirement of the process and the ultimate end use of the product

·      Whether you’re supplying, creating, processing or distributing confectionery, we offer a full range of analyses that evaluate microbiology, pesticide and drug residues, mycotoxins, allergens, metals, and minerals.

·      We offer a full line of wet chemistry analyses to determine moisture content, acidity, and more.

·     We can also support you in ensuring the quality and safety of the environments in which your confectionery products are prepared or processed
through environmental swab testing.

Confectionery testing is important to keep a check on the adulteration in the products. To increase the market value a complete analysis report with all the nutrition content and additives present in the confectionery item is required to comply with the labeling. 

At METS Lab following tests are performed for the bakery & confectionery items

·       Acid Insoluble Ash

·       Nutritional value

·       Acidity

·       Alcohol by Volume

·       Anisidine Value

·       Carbohydrates

·       Total Dietary Fibre

·       Energy value

·       Fat

·       Free Fatty Acids

·       Lactose

·       Moisture

·       Peroxide Value

·       pH

·       Along with Heavy Metals


Microbilogical analysis

·        Coliform

·        E.coli

·        Salmonella

·        Staphylococcus

·        Total plate counts


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