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Automobile spare parts

Automobile spare parts or equipment manufacturers demand the highest quality components throughout the supply chain. Every automobile spare part and component must undergo rigorous testing and meet the highest industry and legal requirements METS LAB assists manufacturers and suppliers with independent assured accredited testing services against a wide range of testing specifications for national and international standards. We conduct the necessary testing for you and certification, in -house standards, industry standards and international standards. As part of our standardized process, you will receive detailed test reports and wherever required, approvals with recognized test mark

 Our global network of test facilities allows automobile space components manufacturers to have important testing performed locally and sell products globally. Be it a safety glass testing, tyre testing, airbag development testing, vibration with temperatures testing, Light technology testing, Wheel and tyre testing, strength/material test, simulation of environment analysis, Battery testing, testing of interior and exterior equipment components testing and so on, METS Lab does it all.

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