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Agro products & Fertilizers

Nowadays safety of Agro products is very challenging. With the use of harmful pesticides and insecticides, all the products become hazardous to consume. Agricultural products & crops quality safety refers to the reliability, usability, and intrinsic value of agricultural products & crops, including the formation, remaining nutrients, hazards, and external characteristic factors in production, storage, circulation, and use. Thus laboratory testing will help to determine all the necessary factors for the safety of the products. Laboratory testing also  determines the amount of each fertilizer element in the fertilizer solution and the application rate


Mets lab provides a one-stop solutions for agro-based product and fertilizer testing for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and farmers.



·       With advanced technical equipment and experienced testing experts focused on the quality testing of fertilizers and other agricultural-based products our  Lab provides one-stop analysis testing solutions, according to the corresponding standards to ensure their quality and safety.

·       We issue authoritative, scientific, fair and accurate testing reports for clients.

·       Fertilizers and agro-based products are tested in accordance with AOAC, ISO, EN , KFDA, USDA, GAFTA, FDA standards.

·       Tests performed for Agro Products are-


o   Sensory indicator tests

o   Physical Testings

o   Chemical testings

o   Contaminants testing

o   GMO

o   Microbiology Tests

o   Environment of producing area tests.

·       Tests performed by METS Lab  for fertilizers are


o   Ammoniacal nitrogen

o   Nitric nitrogen

o   Ureic nitrogen

o   Phosphorus (P2O5)

o   Potassium (K2O)

o   Sodium (Na)

o   Chloride (Cl)

o   Biuret in case of Urea Nitrogen

o   Lead (Pb)

o   Cadmium (Cd)

o   Etc



For more information about fertilizer and agro-based testing, please feel free to contact us.