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Acoustic engineering and sound proofing materials

METS LAB offers a wide range of acoustical, airflow and leakage testing services for your products. Our acoustic testing laboratory experience shows that designs based on actual test data are more likely to achieve the required performance without being excessively over or under designed. Lab testing is usually completed to show compliance with building regulations to investigate a proper or as part of the design process

We provide laboratory acoustics testing to rate the effectiveness of a material to attenuate or absorb sound. Methods we apply include Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), Sound Absorption Average (SAA), Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class( OITC). Field Testing can be conducted to measure the airborne sound attenuation between rooms in buildings and impact sound transmission through Floor-Ceiling Assemblies

Sound Absorption Testing:- The sound Absorption Test measures the ability og building products to control reflected sound and decrease noise levels. Testing is conducted as per ASTM C423, E795,and ISO 354

Sound Transmission Loss Testing:- The Sound Transmission Loss test measures the ability of building products to attenuate sound. Testing is conducted as per ASTM E90, E423, E1332, and AMMA 1801. And ISO 10140

Our highly trained and experienced experts prefer a wide range of noise, vibrating air flow and such noise measurements in our laboratory. Types of testing’s are test of sound insulation performance of floors, Acoustic simulation, facades and roofing materials, Doors and Windows, internal partitions, wall linings, electrical and electronics equipment, medical devices, walls and other components and materials, and floor impact sound reduction performance. 

Evaluating acoustic behaviour allows us to know the level of sound power, sound absorption and acoustic transmission. To create a specific acoustic environment, it is necessary to understand the acoustic performance of the sound proof materials using. By testing these materials, we can understand the contribution that materials can make to the overall sound, in terms of absorption, reflection, impedance, admittance etc. At METS Lab, it’s our goal to make your sound proofing products test and verify the efficiency to make sure your products meet the international standards and certify your products to protect your brand.