Fertilizer Testing

METS offers number of different analysis options for your fertilizer testing needs. We follow different standard method includes AOAC, KFDA, ISO and other customer recommended method for the purpose.


  • NPK Package – Total Nitrogen, Soluble Potassium (Potash) K2O, Available Phosphoric Acid.
  • MD Package – Total Nitrogen, Ammonia Nitrogen, Soluble Potassium (Potash) K2O, Available Phosphoric Acid (APA) andMoisture.
  • DAP package- Total & Ammoniacal nitrogen, Neutral Ammonium Citrate, Water soluble phosphates, Total Nitrogen, Moisture, Nitrogen in the form of Urea, Particle size
  • Other tests-Total Nitrogen, Water Insoluble Nitrogen (In Combination with Total Nitrogen), Soluble Potassium (Potash) K2OAvailable Phosphoric Acid (APA), pH (water), Ash (on ignition), Ammonia Nitrogen, Moisture, Nitrate Nitrogen, Particle size, Biuret test, Acid Soluble Ca, P, K, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Al, S, Na.