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Cosmetic testing

Our cosmetic testing lab has been working with the cosmetic industry for many different application and routinely supports the leading cosmetics brands with a variety of services such as – Testing as per different standard requirements Cosmetic testing as per buyer or m read more

Disposable Diaper Testing

Disposable Diaper Testing Diapers are used to absorb urine and feces. It is fastened around the waist just like underwear; the only difference is that it is thicker and spongier. This is because it contains absorbent materials which soak the excreta. There are two kinds read more

Sanitary Napkin Testing

Sanitary Napkin testing as per IS 5405 Sanitary napkins are used by women when they menstruate. These napkins absorb the blood discharge without leaking for specific number of hours. They are meant for use for only one time, after which they have to be disposed. They ar read more

Female Condoms Testing

Safety and Effectiveness of Testing Female Condoms as per ISO 25841 Female condom is a device that prevents pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases that can happen during intercourse. This device is gaining importance as it allows women to take control of their heal read more

Male condoms testing

Testing of Male condoms as per ISO 23409 A condom is an instrument that acts as a barrier between the private parts of a man and a woman during coitus. The purpose of the instrument is to prevent any kind of discharge from one partner to touch or enter the body of the o read more